I’ll get you 500 links in 2 years, here’s exactly how

The video below is an overview of this strategy, below the video I explain the exact steps and pricing. Content audit This is the first step to any link building campaign, content is the cornerstone and makes everything else a LOT easier if it is excellent. Think of it like dominoes, a solid first dominoe can knock over a dominoe exactly twice it’s size, within a few dominoes, you can knock down a sky scraper sized dominoe, think of content as the first, and the best links on the entire internet as the sky scraper. Industry research Before I can implement this strategy, I need to know about your industry: What people are interested in What they already link to Their pain points Where they go to get information Is there a healthy blogging community and a whole lot more Buy domains/exisiting sites This strategy relies on working with 4 other sites, we’ll call … Read More

I’m going to show you how to get some of the best backlinks for yourself, without my help

I’m not gonna lie, I want you to hire me to build backlinks for you, however I realise that a lot of you don’t know the value of this service. So I’m gonna show you how to do it yourself!?!?! WHAAAAT? Why would I do that? Because you are going to see that it is extremely time consuming, requires some expertise and if I can show you how to do all of this in a couple of hundred words then I must be a pro, hopefully you will then hire me to do it for you, obviously much better than you are going to do for yourself right now. This is my sales pitch to you! If not, then you’re about to learn how to do it properly in house and you’ll never hire a shit link builder ever again. Basically there are 3 parts to the algorithm that chooses … Read More

My Link Building Company – Exactly what I do when you become a client

I pride myself on being the best white hat link building company in Leeds (if not the country), I have worked extremely hard over the past 8 years to build processes and systems to give you the very best service for your money. With these processes I am able to deliver a service that rivals even the best agencies in the country. Outperforming the majority of them. With that in mind, I thought I would write down exactly how I do things with the aim that my transparency will show you exactly how I do things and overcome any objections you have to becoming one of my selected clients. I am still only a small business so there are a limited number of people that I can work with at a time, I tend to top out at 5-7 clients, and I currently have space for 2 more, so read … Read More