I’ll get you 500 links in 2 years, here’s exactly how

The video below is an overview of this strategy, below the video I explain the exact steps and pricing. Content audit This is the first step to any link building campaign, content is the cornerstone and makes everything else a LOT easier if it is excellent. Think of it like dominoes, a solid first dominoe can …

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My Link Building Company – Exactly what I do when you become a client

I pride myself on being the best white hat link building company in Leeds (if not the country), I have worked extremely hard over the past 8 years to build processes and systems to give you the very best service for your money.

With these processes I am able to deliver a service that rivals even the best agencies in the country. Outperforming the majority of them.

With that in mind, I thought I would write down exactly how I do things with the aim that my transparency will show you exactly how I do things and overcome any objections you have to becoming one of my selected clients.

I am still only a small business so there are a limited number of people that I can work with at a time, I tend to top out at 5-7 clients, and I currently have space for 2 more, so read this page and then get in touch to see if we are a good fit.

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