Digital Marketer CVO Funnel

This is a simple offering, I am very well versed and qualified in the creation and management of the Digital Marketer CVO (customer value optimisation) funnel process.

I know that you are already familiar with this as I am only sending this page to people who have expressed some interest in it previously.

If you need a reminder, you can see the write up HERE

My credentials

The setup of this funnel takes 31 days. And will be much smoother if you have a Click Funnels account.

To see a summary of exactly what I will do each day you can see my process list HERE, in this sheet you can see:

  1. exactly what I will do each day [To Do Funnel Build tab] (which you can track in real time)
  2. the things that need to be done before I begin building the funnel [To Do in Advance tab]
  3. an overview of how the funnel will work when it is completed [Funnel Strategy tab]

What Do I Charge

Setup: £2,500

Maintenance and optimisation: £2,000 monthly

What Exactly Do You Get

  • Landing pages x3
  • Thank you pages x2
  • Email series x2
  • Basic facebook ad creation (image) x4
  • Basic Adwords ad creation (text) x4
  • As well as all of the research, optimisation and testing process listed in the process list

Due to the time restrictions of creating one of these funnels, I am only able to work with 1 client at a time so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in this service.

What Do You Need Before I Get Started

You will need:

  • A landing page software (I recommend Clickfunnels)
  • An autoresponder (I recommend Aweber)
  • A payment processor (I can advise on this once I see your services/products)
  • A facebook advertising account (You can see how to do this HERE)
  • A Google Adwords advertising account (Sign up HERE)
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