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Increasing your revenue 1 link at a time!

Backlinks are the lifeblood of SEO, you already know this, that’s why you are here!

However, it can be difficult to find somebody who is able to provide you the correct types and amount of links to your most important pages.

This means that most people bounce around from to agency and back again, several times. I am here to put a stop to that endless cycle.

My link building methods are completely white hat, based on outreach to sites that will find your content interesting, I simply come up with ideas that people will like, have it created, build a list of people whose audience will appreciate it and then put it in front of their faces.

A fairly simple way of doing things, but completely the way that Google and the other search engines want you to do them.

What if I don’t have content?

You can either have some produced in-house (based on my ideas and outlines) or I can have one of my many sub contracted writers to do this for you, this is the ideal solution as I have complete control over what is being produced and it’s quality.

This is link building done the right way, it is a long process, but one that will only benefit your business, no risk of dreaded “penalties” or any other ill effects, just pure content-based link building.

If you’d like to see exactly how I do this, you can take a look at my completely transparent process HERE.

I only offer 1 service:
Consultancy – I will be your , creating a linking strategy and fulfilling it for you.

Real SEO done properly, is cheaper than hiring overseas workers who could harm your business in the long term.

This is something that people realise after time, it can be very tempting to hire a cheap SEO provider, they are doing the same thing right? but for less money? WRONG!

They are building links that could do harm to your website and business in the future, a lof of services look good in theory, lots of links, press releases etc etc

While some of these services may not do you any harm, they won’t help you either, it’s kinda like running a race on a treadmill, you’re working hard, but you ain’t going anywhere!

Hiring somebody like me, with my experience and transparent strategies from the start is a hell of a lot cheaper than hiring 5 of these lesser service providers and then having me come in in a year or 2 to save your site from the work they have done (trust me, this happens A LOT).

Choose somebody who will do the job well from the start, they won’t guarantee ranking results, they won’t tell you exactly how many links they will get each month and they definitely won’t do it for £200.

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Proper advice

I know what to do, how to do it and when. I have been doing so for the past 8 years.

I can show you every step of what I plan to do, what I have done and how I plan to do it and then most importantly…. the effects it has had.

This isn’t something that you need to be worrying about, you have your own business and your own work you should be spending your time on. With me, you can simply click a link, open a spreadsheet, and see everything right there in front of your face.

Nothing hidden, no jibber jabber, just data.

I’m probably one of the best freelance SEO consultants you will find and obviously SEO work at this level is highly sought after, and I must admit, I get a lot of enquiries, but I select my jobs carefully, because I only want to work with people who share my values in terms of business, HIGH QUALITY ALL THE WAY THROUGH!

So who is this for?

This level of link building isn’t for everyone, it can be a considerable expense and results can take some time to be fully realised, but if:

  • You’re a small-to-mid-sized business who needs to improve the traffic levels to their website.
  • You have enough content to support an outreach campaign. Generally, outreach only works well if you have some great content to attract people – and the more the better.
  • You can afford to create or maintain a content and link building strategy.
  • You can make changes quickly. I work best when I can make changes and add content in a flash. If you give me access to your Analytics and Webmasters tools accounts I can make changes and move the process forward without your having to worry about it.
  • You’re brave enough to try new ideas and produce exceptional content (not always written) for linking purposes.

What you get

This is a high-touch outreach service for websites, billed monthly. It’s run by a real person who has a lot of experience doing this.

You’ll get:

  • A complete technical on page and off page audit. If we ever decide to part ways, you will always have this audit so that you know what areas of your site need to be worked on, which content of yours is suitable for outreach as well as how you are doing in comparison to your competition.
  • Strategy Creation, monthly content ideas providing valuable information that we can approach other sites with to attract both links and direct traffic.
  • Linkable asset development ideas. This is the piece of interesting/useful/cool/funny content that I will use to attract links, I will not be responsible for creating this, but I can find and manage a supplier if you can’t do this in-house.
  • Implementation of strategy approaching the people who own target sites to share our asset with them and their audience. This is usually done by email, phone, IM or however else I can hold of them.
  • A live spreadsheet that is updated in real time with everything that I am doing and the progress of it. See an example HERE
  • A monthly report summarising the most important points of your outreach results. What was the impact of the previous month, and who will we be approaching in the future? Where are people going, and what are they doing once there? What can we learn from these behaviors? For more about how this will look, here is an example.

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This is old school SEO, the right way, with slow and consistent gains, for a steady and long term business!

So… who is this guy?

this my face
This my face


My name is Dan Ray, I build links mainly, and I do it for some pretty cool people such as Vileda, Cloud Nine, Marigold, Charity Right and loads of others who I’d love to namedrop but won’t.

So how much does the worlds best white hat link building service cost?

I knew you’d ask that, this is the awkward money talk right?

Well…. this is mostly based on individual circumstances, I have to tailor what I do to your sites needs.

You won’t ever get a quote from me for less than £1000, most likely around the £2000 mark but most people start here and end up on around £5000 per month after they have seen some results and want more.

So expect to pay £1000-2000 for the first 3 months or so, and then we can discuss doing a little more together.

When I write my project plans for your site, I do so 3 months at a time, so this is my preferred staring agreement time, but this is not enforced by contract or anything, so if you don;t like what I do you don;t have to continue with my services.

And if you’re unsatisfied with for any reason, I’ll provide you with a full refund of your most recent payment.

My time is limited

Obviously since I do this all myself, I am limited by 24 hour days and the need to sleep, eat and socialise, so I can’t work with everybody who contacts me.

Once I reach around 7/8 clients, I basically have no time left for new clients.

I currently have 2 spots left. If you want one of them let me know using the form below and I’ll ask you a few questions and see if we can;t do something special together.

If any of this doesn;t make sense to you and you want to ask me something about it, then feel free to shoot me a message.

Cheers for reading, and if you want to see examples and a completely transparent look at what I do once you become a client, check this post out!

— Dan Ray

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