Below are some frequently asked questions, if you cannot find the answer you are looking for then don’t hesitate to contact me.

1) What do You Know About the Recent Google Algorithm Updates?

I know that the recent penguin update had the largest effect on English search results than any other update Google have made, I also know that it coincided with a refresh of the exact match domain algorithm that had a very large impact on partial match domains.

I also know that neither any of my personal sites nor any of my clients sites were negatively affected by these updates, in fact most of them improved their rankings due to competition being affected.

2) Do You Employ Social Media Optimization? How?

I am a 1 man team, I do believe strongly in social but simply don’t have the man power to run social campaigns, I am happy to offer advice and guidance and set up PPC campaigns but I can’t run the campaigns for you, I often find it’s better to run them yourself anyway as to run a campaign effectively you need to be in the business day in and day out.

3) What is Your Link Building Strategy?

My strategy is almost 100% outreach, I am very creative in my link building and this often leads to very effective links from authoritative places that none of your competitors will have.

I never ask for anchor text and do most of my link building via email introductions and then follow up on the phone, I find that speaking to somebody increases adoption of link by around 100%.

I am very much in the mould of Eric Ward and have had some amazing success including a campaign that made a telecoms client of mine £6.8 million in 11 months through increases in online traffic.

I am happy to show you this as an example if you would like, I am particularly proud of one link that I built for this site, it took almost 3 months to obtain but is one of the most authoritative links on the entire internet.

4) What Are Your Relationship Building and Outreach Skills?

I think this is explained above.

5) What is Your Knowledge of Content Marketing?

I have an excellent knowledge of content marketing but I don’t call it that.

This is the strategy I have always used before anybody had ever head of “content marketing”. I like to have something great produced and then leverage that to get your site or offer in front of the people who are interested in it.

I often find during my research stage that there are several content gaps that can be used to gain some ridiculously good links.

6) How much investment would you be requiring from myself? and what EXACTLY will this be getting me?

I charge monthly and on a number of targets basis, so my current pricing gets you 200 targets for £2000. This comes with a guarantee of 10 links, so if i don’t get 10 from 200 targets, I’ll simply apporach more until you get your links.

My main concern is always to make my clients money. So be assured that I am always working towards the end goal of building revenue driving traffic channels to your site.

7) Are you actively involved in the SEO community (i.e. posting within forums)?

Not especially, I read several blogs and have private relationships with some of the “big players” of the SEO community, I run a facebook group for training the next generations of link builders.

I have also been interviewed in several places.

I would rather pursue my personal projects with my free time but do keep up to date on the latest SEO news and happenings.

8) What tools do you use?

I generally use ahrefs, buzzstream and the Google suite of tools. Anything else is generally custom built to suit my needs.

9) I know SEO is a very hit and miss terrority, but what kind of results would you predict given you suggested level of investment and my websites current position?

Based on my theory I think that a few well placed links of the caliber and variety that I will target for you should improve the search engine position of any website, of course this can’t be guaranteed but I am always quietly confident of first spot and generally achieve this.

10) Do you offer any guarantee? If not how will we be measuring success?

No, It is irresponsible to ever guarantee SEO results, all that I can guarantee is that nothing I do will harm your site and that I will always work towards the goal of making you more money through the work I perform for you. We measure success by traffic, links placed and revenue.

11) Why should I hire you?

In all honesty I am probably the best SEO consultant in the UK, I am by far the most creative and out of the box thinking link builder I have ever come across and you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t at least contact me again.

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